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From an small repair shop to a large shop Digital Wrench will make running your truck repair business easier.Track repair orders, inventory, customers, find history in seconds, and more.Set service reminders, create services packages with parts and labor that can be brought in with just a couple clicks of the mouse!Create your own labor list saving you from having to type them over and over.Use one of our 20 invoices or any of our customizable 15 invoices with your logo!
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If you have a service business doing truck repair our program will track your repair orders, maintain a history or work done, and allow enteringparts into inventory or just keep a list of parts you use all the time.

Features can be turned ON or OFF depending on which options you want to display! So if you do not need certain features you can turn themall off. This allows you total flexibility to turn ON or OFF insurance options, engine options or detail on drive train options.

Labor can be input and saved into a labor list or added on a one time basis. This saves time since the longer you use the program the less you have to type in every labor entry, just pick the correct labor from your labor list. Diesel repair shops can benefit from being able to enter up to 2000 characters about each labor entry.

Special Charges can be added for items like disposal fees common in truck repair businesses. Whatever your needs are for repair order tracking, inventory tracking, customer tracking, or history of work done, our repair order software can be configured to work for your repair business.

New features are added every month, so if your truck repair business requires something we don't have give us a call to see if we are working on it. Recent add improvements include a wholesale labor rate, very good for shops that do fleet work.
AR With Fleet Billing and Statements

Pay multiple invoices at once in AR

Track your vehicle and customer History

Reminder system built in, good for fleet maintenance

Over 30 invoice types for you to choose from

Track your inventory and re order levels
Hi my name is Barbara with Mike we run business Semi Truck Repair Shop: 76 TRUCK MASTER I everyday use software Digital Wrench it is great program easy  to use but have all feature what I need to run repair shop. Also great customer service Don is always help me with any questions regarding program.

Thank You Don and rest your team for great program and your time.

I like the software and it works great. - Mullis Logging, Inc. - Logging Equipment

It is wonderful, working good for us! - TNC Truck Service Center, Suwanee, Ga

I think the software is great! Made my life easier since we go the option for importing our Cummins parts. Now we are saving lots of time by using the package feature for importing groups of parts and labor all at once. - Weavers Diesel and Truck Repair, Breezewood, Pa - Diesel Shop

We have been using VMT, Digital Wrench Software, since 2013. During this time, the staff of VMT have been extremely helpful, from learning the software to customizing certain areas to meet our needs. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking quality software and excellent service.
Chris Hagood, President, CCR Truck Repair, LLC
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Our diesel truck repair shop software was written to be a functional program for small or large truck repair shops that do not want an expensive, complicated program.

If you want a program that works for you and has great support you should download our truck repair shop software and try it for your shop.
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