We have been using Digital Wrench at our Automotive Service Center in Barberton, Ohio since 2002. BDW (Before Digital Wrench) we tried numerous (and significantly more expensive) programs. No single program that we tried, did everything that the Digital Wrench program does in a simple and easy-to-use package. Digital Wrench has improved our customer service and simplified all of our sales and business tracking. We are believers! - Schell's Automotive. - Auto Repair Shop
'I really like the software!' - Everhart Marine, Chris - Boat Repair Shop

Very easy to navigate after using it a short time. Good Value! - O'Briens Auto Works, Williamsburg, MA

Doing very good with Digital Wrench, it's very user friendly and tracks everything we need. - One Stop Auto Repair, Maynardville, TN
"We are really liking the software. We looked all over for one that would work with an independent motorcycle shop and we finally found you. We are able to put our show room items and special order items in the system and can track everything. Don and the gang at Digital Wrench are great to work with. Keep up the work."

Gordon Baccus
On Wings of Gold - Motorcycle Shop
Brandon, FL
Great guys to work with at VMT! Thanks so much for all the help!

I have been looking for a system like this for a long time and finally ran across these folks.

If you have a one man marine service shop like I have it is absolutely awesome.

Affordable, easy to learn and does everything I want it to do. I can enter all my inventory and keep track of it as I write up work orders and invoices.

Plenty of fields to enter all customer boat data and history of what you have done in the past - and stores all my customers for easy access to repeat work orders.
Literally a dream come true for me as I am naturally unorganized and can never find a piece of paper I wrote all my customer info on. Now, when I get a new boat in all I do is open the program, type in my customers name, phone number and address and what all needs to be done. Add parts to work order as I work on the project and just complete when done.

Plenty more features that I don't use now, but will eventually as I go along.

Thanks again guys!     Andy Schlabach Andy's Boat Repair
Sweet Springs, MO
The software is very user friendly. The video on how to do a work order got me started right away. I like the features a lot and after we started using it the software proved to be very intuitive. - Y&T Automotive Transmissions, Tae - Auto Transmission Shop
I was delighted to have received the new version of Digital Wrench. I also very much appreciate your response to my concerns. - Japan Diagnostics, Justina

I have used the heck out of it and it works great! Very Simple to use.
- Bradford Auto, Ray

If an idiot like me can run it, anyone can. - Mobil Auto Repair, Mike
Nice program, no issues. It works great and is easy to use.
- Millers Marina, Downers Grove, IL - Boat Repair Shop

Really happy with it, makes it easy to track everything. Using it since 2000. - Astoria Golf And Country Club, Astoria, OR - Golf Course Shop

I like the software and it works great. - Mullis Logging, Inc. - Logging Equipment

Easy to use and does what I need to do, the software works good. - Phil's Auto Repair, Wilmington, DE
It is wonderful, working good for us! - TNC Truck Service Center, Suwanee, Ga

I'm very happy with the software!
- American Automotive, Warrenton, VA

I like it! - The Repair Shop, Toccoa, GA
I think the software is great! Made my life easier since we go the option for importing our Cummins parts. Now we are saving lots of time by using the package feature for importing groups of parts and labor all at once. - Weavers Diesel and Truck Repair, Breezewood, Pa - Diesel Shop

Hi my name is Barbara with Mike we run business Semi Truck Repair Shop: 76 TRUCK MASTER I everyday use software Digital Wrench it is great program easy to use but have all feature what I need to run repair shop. Also great customer service Don is always help me with any questions regarding program. Thank You Don and rest your team for great program and your time.
I really like your software. It is perfect for my small auto shop, easy to use and get support. Thank you for creating a very affordable software program that is very user friendly.

Hal Simon
Simon Auto Service LLC
Columbia Falls MT
Digital wrench is a very user friendly program that we have successfully implemented in our dealership. Additionally, the program support staff has been outstanding and helped us figure out a few problems we were experiencing entering data into the program. In fact, they rewrote a portion of the program for us in just one day so we could zero out our warranty claims. I truly appreciate their friendly service and would recommend this program to other marine dealerships. Castaway Marine, FL - Marine Repair
Tammi Turner -

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DIGITAL WRENCH SOFTWARE WE ARE NOW USING AT www.Busabikes.com It has been an amazing easy transition to this system. I would recommend this to anyone. It works with such ease. It is user friendly and reliable! And the customer support is AWESOME!!!"
I also want to that you for making this program! I had been looking for a program that dealt with motorcycles for several months I had some that came close but nothing as perfect as this one. Your support is absolutely wonderful also. I appreciate all the help you guys have been threw our learning curve. Keep up the good work!

Thank you again,

Suzie K.
Manager of
S&S Performance Cycle

What Do Our Customers Say?

This is a great program for the money, far less than Dockmasters and many others we looked at and the functionality is very comparable and whats better it is easy to use. The system is in place and all my employees even those technologically challenged are using it with ease. What a HUGE impact it made on our business a must have for those using Quickbooks or even less functional programs to manage sales and service departments. I would more than suggest this over others for any business starting out all the way to 20+ employees. We have 10 full time employees and average 700 tickets a year, Before Digital Wrench it was utter chaos, now things are running smoothly. Thanks Digital Wrench!

Dave Piersall Crystal Lake marine Services owner
We have been using VMT, Digital Wrench Software, since 2013. During this time, the staff of VMT have been extremely helpful, from learning the software to customizing certain areas to meet our needs. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking quality software and excellent service.
Chris Hagood, President, CCR Truck Repair, LLC
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